The Joiner

An Extreme Quality Finish Precision Circular Saw Guide


Build a Better Joint

Seamless inline butt joints can be difficult to achieve by traditional methods.

Use the JOINER saw guide to create high-quality inline butt joints by cutting both pieces of wood at once. You will appreciate both the speed and finish of the product when using this precision circular saw guide.



Whether you are a DIY person or a professional carpenter, the JOINER will help you to make a “PRECISON BUTT JOINT” of two boards on the job site in as little as 60 SECONDS!


A New Type of Guide

Our circular saw guide is made of heavy duty stainless steel for durability and longevity. It's adjustable design allows it to work with most types of circular saws on the market. Having this device in your inventory, you will be able to join any size 3/4” boards, ranging from 1”x2” up to 1”x24” while achieving a seamless joint every time.


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Example Projects

Designed and Built in Kalamazoo Michigan

The designer of a new concept carpentry saw guide

The JOINER is a saw guide that makes it possible, for a person of any skill level, to make a ‘PRO FIT JOINT’ of two boards in just minutes, without the time and expertise that is typically needed to achieve such a quality fit.

The JOINER can accommodate board widths, ranging from 1”x2” up to 1”x12” and it can also be used as a router guide for 3/4" material. It is adjustable to work with most circular saws on the market.

Using The JOINER:

First bring the plates of The JOINER to the width of the boards that are to be used. Next, adjust the tracks of The JOINER to the width of the saw that is to be used, and tighten the knobs. Using the supplied template, adjust the cutting depth and the angle of the saw that is to be used. Install #1 board in it’s finished required location, letting it’s leading edge extend past the intended cutting point. Then, under the leading edge of #1 board, place a thin strip, such as a piece of linoleum, to protect the wall surface from the cutting blade. Next, mount #2 board, so that it overlaps #1 board at the finished joint location. At this time, mount the adjusted JOINER, over the lapping boards. Slide The JOINER from side to side until the blade of the saw is inline with the required finished cut. location. (There are holes in the tracks of The JOINER to secure it while making the cut, if you so choose.) Finally, place The JOINER over lapped boards, in it’s intended location, and with one pass along The JOINERS tracks, cut both boards at once. Take The JOINER from the work piece. Remove the waste piece from the back of #1 board, then lower #2 board into the ‘PRO FIT POSITION‘.


The Joiner Stainless Steel Model

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel

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The Joiner Aluminum Model

Lightweight Aluminum

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